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Rapture Zombie Crossbow Pistol:

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Only £79.99


Fear the Walking Dead? Your chances of survival just got better with the Rapture 80lb crossbow pistol from Anglo Arms. The long awaited Rapture pistol packs a powerful bite and delivers high levels of control and accuracy up to 100 yards. The body is powder coated aluminium to be lightweight and strong whist the limb is made from flexible fibreglass that delivers a whopping 80lbs of power. The self cocking handle means loading is both quick and simple whilst the trigger lock provides a welcomed level of safety.

The Rapture, like all our other crossbow pistols is supplied with everything you need, bolts, string, knockends and can be fully assembled in a matter of minutes. Why not take care of your undead problem in style with the Rapture crossbow pistol, it has everything a zombie hunter needs, the looks, power and a whole lot of kick-ass!

Please note: You must be over 18 years old to purchase the 80lb Rapture Crossbow Pistol from us.

Length: 50cm

Width: 45cm
Limb: Fibreglass


Barrel: Alliminium 
Bolt Size Recommended: 6.5"

UK dispatched
Your estimated delivery time will be 2-5 business days from the time of order - you will receive one crossbow and 12 extra free bolts.